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“The good homeless”? Christ. I volunteered and overnight-staffed several shelters in NYC. There were dozens and dozens of good dudes who were trying to get by. We had some problems with people, but this categorical lumping of “good” and “bad” homeless, especially with regards to shelter use, is crazy. It’s definitely the case that some people aren’t given enough support because they are just toeing the line of not visibly needing it. But that isn’t a normative judgment on the people who do have access to the services.

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Noone thinks homeless people are a majority bulk of good people who just fell on hard times, although that does happen. We think they’re mentally ill, come from broken homes, had shitty parents, and a shitty social net to help them. The argument is that they are in need of help, not criminalization. When the incarceration system is designed to hold you down instead of lift you up, what do you expect the outcome to be?
















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