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Oh of Nice Elton John Hat Signature Shirt course not. I just know for me that when I didn’t do anything to try to mitigate it, such as take a walk or breath or something, I’ve explored all over family and friends, then the depression sets in for me and no one is happy. Then the trying to explain it and no one really understanding… I think medication and therapy are key if this happens frequently. Yeah. I was in a car accident in October so I have a temporary brain injury- concussion recovery. I get pissed off way too fast since this but even before that, its because the sensory system is overloaded and needs a break. Take a moment to deep breathe and do something you enjoy/make you happy. Take a moment or day, love yourself a little more today. I’m currently there today… Also, I disabled notifications for many apps. That has helped so much. I’m in control of how much my phone rings / vibrates/make noise.

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