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Find meaning? You already know deep down what you want it to be. Do it. Unshackle yourself as best you can from social norms and expectations that try to deny you salvation. For me, Life is many things. Life is a fantasy. Fantasy isn’t fantasy. Fantasy exists because of life and so there is nothing wrong with losing yourself in it. Just make sure to step back and maintain a healthy lifestyle and work while you’re at it.

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That even though I was raised with the mindset that blood family comes first and is everything, that is not true. I have had to come to terms with this and some days it is hard to accept still. I still love my family, I have just grown to love them from a distance and build a family with my husband. In order to make your country “great” or “greatest” or whatever, you have to actually do things to make it so, not just talk about it.

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