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i feel like there’s a time for common sense. one guy on the beach…not terrible. why don’t we just monitor people in these places and make sure everyone is keeping distance, or only allow a certain number on the beach at a time a la what the supermarkets already do. what I don’t like is blanket rules like these that don’t apply to every situation. ie. what if I wanted to go for a hike? how is that not social distancing? and don’t tell me…’ what if everyone goes for hikes?’ that’s a slippery slope fallacy. Reddit is so chock full of rule crazy authoritarian nazis with absolutely zero compassion for anyone. The negativity of it all gets exhausting. Like honestly how much of a risk is a guy way out in the ocean.

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Bredesen wrote on Facebook, “I support social distancing (for a certain amount of time) and we are all going to get through this. But (and don’t even think about responding if you’re not a surfer because remember, we have to rely on the experts) to put a ban on surfing or long-distance swimming or paddling is wrong. If you’re looking for an expert, you found him. Remember, we have to rely on the experts! Then listen to the experts on this pandemic and stay the fuck at home. He compares going to the market for surfing. People don’t go surfing to feed their families and get medicine for their loved ones.