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CNN interview has one EMT, and one who does volunteer emergency health stuff? Honestly though, even if they were just people who put on a red cross and had basic first aid lessons, would that make it any less disgusting? If they were taking advantage of the cross to do stupid things, I could at least understand, if not condone the police’s actions. As it is though, they were trying to help someone and were attacked for it by those who are supposed to protect the peace. I’m heavily reminded of what happened in Hong Kong, where they would actively target medics. Honestly, if the protests start organizing as they did in HK, things could get scary fast.

Nice Deer American Flag Independence Day Shirt

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I love how when the protests started everyone was appalled by the police brutality, and instead of turning it down Trump went the American way of doubling and tripling down on the brutality. Unmarked guys in military wear that might or might not be part of law enforcement kidnap citizens from the street for no apparent reason. They do that in Iran, and in Saudi Arabia, and in the worst parts of Mexico… and in the US. But this time we need help from the world. We’re in serious trouble with this current administration. And if the U.S. is run by a dictatorship, God helps the world. Our military power is frightening.


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