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Who’s going to stop him? Are they going to send rockets full of troopers? Then what? Stop his rockets? Ban him from earth? Take over SpaceX from him? Do you really think Mars will vote for earth presidential elections? I think their food and oxygen supply is more important pretty clear we as a whole cant handle the planet we currently live on. Personally, I would trust Musk to do a better job managing mars than our politicians do here. Yeah, let’s bring the same shit with the same problems because of our broken system to humanity second chance… Screw this article and its a writer.

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Personally, I don’t think international law should be able to governor Outerspace UNLESS it’s being for warfare on the planet. Data transfer or other use for science shouldn’t be of any concern. Only when it threatens humanitarian unenforceable law is a suggestion, that said it seems a bit cart-before-horse to be worrying about laws and regulations on mars before having any practical means of making a round trip. also how many laws can a person break, alone in an endless desert, off-grid except for minutes-apart text-only messages, busy trying to stay alive? I can’t think of any actual, except maybe public indecency? I wish Mr. Musk good luck with that.

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