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Surely this won’t affect too much, I’m sure there’s something in the contract stopping them from pressuring him, if Spotify doesn’t wanna post podcasts then there loss, they paid him already and he’s not breaking any rules I assume Something tells me a few woke spotify employees are triggered as fuck and want to put pressure on their company but they can’t do shit, its a licensing deal, I’m pretty sure Joe and his lawyers made the contract and it’s very well made.

Nice Burnouts Or Bows Gender Reveal Shirt

Nice Burnouts Or Bows Gender Reveal Shirt

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I wonder what would happen if a big legal firm acquired one of their biggest contracts and a small group of janitors and secretaries were like, “this contract hurts our feelings and we disagree completely. We want to oversee all court hearings involving the client.” See, I was betting Joe was going to change Spotify. Then I remembered, he’s never worked in an office before and has no idea how it works.

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