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I didn’t vote due to my age, but I started getting interested in politics in 2016 when all this happened. I turned 17 in November of 2016. I felt pretty alone in supporting Trump. I was in the very tail-end of discontinuing my belief in Christianity at the time, and it felt like all of my friends, my girlfriend at the time, and celebrities/musicians I followed were all so against Trump. Since the latter half of 2017/first half of 2018, my values in social issues and politics have changed completely, and I am extremely left now. Though I was unable to vote and influence the election in any way at the time, I look back at my newfound attention toward politics and pre-mature values as inexcusable, but a sign of growth.


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A friend of mine recently said to me, “How are you not super conservative?” after I confirmed that my entire family, both immediate and extended are right-wing Christians. I jokingly replied, “I became an adult and decided that empathy is really cool.” Though it was a joke, it really does just come to that sometimes with these issues. I now choose to think about how problems could be solved and why people might have made bad decisions instead of judging people, and I understand the bigotry in many of Trump’s statements/policies.