Nice Black Sabbath The End Shirt

If it makes you feel better, I thoroughly enjoy people with diverse and unusual interests, to the point that it’s almost a requirement for me to actually be friends with someone. I love meeting someone who is genuine and just allows themselves to be who they are. It makes for much more interesting humans, and I just have so much respect for people who are honest about their likes and dislikes.

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Nice Black Sabbath The End Shirt

For the last few years, I’ve been embracing my native language and my culture. It’s taken a lot of rediscovering my past, amazing movies I missed out on because I was too cool to watch them, Hindi music that I was too cool to play on the speaker. dude you seem awesome, to the right people this sort of weird won’t tarnish their opinion of you, if anything, it’ll only heighten it. one of my closest friends is very much like you and she’s the kindest person on earth.

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