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They took the time to write the captions for them, then took the time to share them publicly on a social media platform. Without the captions, none of the carvings would be identifiable as any of the political figures. The “joke” was extremely pre-meditated in terms of execution. It’s not a momentary lapse of judgment, it was a deliberate effort. For this to be a lapse in judgment, it would require contrition on the part of the fired deputy. There has been none, instead, she’s issued a blanket denial of being racist at all. Telling a racist joke to a co-worker in private probably won’t get you fired.

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What has happened to just doing something funny, are we really that thin-skinned, do we not have a sense of humor anymore this kind of suppression of speech is why so many voted for Trump. They’re angry that racism now has consequences. A lot of Trump’s support comes from people worried (foolishly) about whites becoming a minority. Minority groups pushing for recognition and rights seems to them an assault on what they think of as America. I don’t think they’re really white supremacists for the most part, but they definitely equate America with white.

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