Nice Black Cat Santa On The Naughty List And I Regret Nothing Christmas Sweater Shirt

I mean we need full-on ads and shaming of people that won’t wear masks or distance, force compliance on this. I have been doing my part, me and my friends have not met up since march, I don’t go out. I have everything I can deliver to me. It’s just frustrating to see this going so hard so fast. I dunno, I kind of laugh when I hear stuff like “courtesy” and “sacrifices for the greater good” – I really don’t think that is the case, one of the oddities of Korean collectivism is that people could really give less of a shit to what happens to other people in the public sphere (pardon my language) It’s more that from the beginning, masks were promoted to help YOU rather than other people.

That would be amazing. A few weeks ago I got the evil eye from everyone in my local butcher shop for wearing a mask (except the actual butcher, he was cool). At our bakery yesterday masks are “required” yet I decided to wait in the car until the four people who walked in without masks ahead of me completed their purchases. I didn’t sign my daughter up for dance this fall but I had to go pick up her costume from the spring performance (which was canceled). None of the instructors were wearing masks. I definitely felt judged for wearing one to the studio. Good thing I didn’t care.