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The problem is that we made war and war is always over stupid shit. I’d argue that we are cut out for it since we have evolved to use tools and weapons. The issue is that we can accomplish much greater things if we could learn better diplomacy within our species, yet we choose to shoot at each other to force agendas on each other. It’s the ultimate conflict resolution among humans and we haven’t progressed enough to where the war against other humans is obsolete. I don’t think we’re ready to stop yet but I hope that at least the most developed nations can stop waging war after my lifetime. We’ve suffered enough deaths. Some countries (or their leaders at least) don’t understand that you can be diplomatic and that you don’t have to be hostile towards someone that isn’t like you (which is an issue a lot of individuals still seem to have, sadly)

Nice Bear Piss Me Of I Will Slagle Wont Be Able To Find You Shirt


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My three uncles all served in Vietnam and they represent the whole spectrum. The marine will talk about his time in the service (he had at least a tour in Vietnam but also assignments in Okinawa and stateside afterward) but as time went on he became less willing to share about the combat and fell into a pretty severe drinking problem. My uncle in the army never talked about his time in Vietnam but he’s been experiencing a lot of the effects from Agent Orange as he’s been getting older. My uncle in the Navy still talks freely about his time because he was on a carrier safely offshore.

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