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Don’t worry too much about it. Soon this coward will be lying on his deathbed in a nursing home and the only sounds he will have to listen to will be his white trash family arguing about who will get the most money in the will. No tears shall be shed in his name, he is nothing and soon will return to nothing. This is the will of the American people. Until the voters decide that their representatives are part of this criminal racket and vote them out, this is the new norm.

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I find it a little ridiculous that we dwell on this. These guys have shown their colors long ago and we all knew it wasn’t about right or wrong, it’s party politics. It’s really sad but I feel like we constantly get angry about this when I’d be shocked if the outcome was anything different than a complete stonewall. If it wasn’t this shitbag it’d be a different one. We’d be better off spending our time trying to help make sure people get to vote, are properly educated when they vote, and doing something that isn’t a complete waste of time like getting mad at corrupt politicians. Clearly, they couldn’t care less.