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The simple truth, the articles of impeachment brought to the Senate from the house did not include a high crime or misdemeanor. A President can still be impeached without either, but at the same time Trump could be found guilty of both the charges (abuse of power and obstructing Congress) and it’s completely reasonable to vote he remains in office. Literal crimes, abuse of power is not a crime, the same with the executive branch obstructing Congress. Lying to Congress under oath is a crime, but not ignoring their subpoena. For example, during the Hillary investigation, one of her IT guys ignored the congressional subpoena to testify and there wasn’t shit they could do about it because it’s not a crime. Trump is the first President in our history to be impeached without being accused of a crime.

Nice Aka Election Sorority Green And Pink Biden Harris 2020 Shirt


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Who are you calling Democrat? President Trump is the most liberal president since Bill Clinton. He redid NAFTA, expanded Medicaid, ran up the deficit, sent extra soldiers to fight for oil, and raised taxes. He supports gun control and abortion when he doesn’t need votes. He’s never been to Kansas and forgets about Missouri. No self-respecting Republican supports that left-winger nut-sack.And how many dems laughed when they impeached him over no crimes? How many were smoking and giddy as fuck when Pelosi was passing out her specially made pens when she was signing the articles? They were laughing 3 years ago when they said they were gonna impeach him and he hadn’t even done anything yet that was “impeachable”