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And once we had a conversation about this. His was taught tips like “always stand up for yourself” “never be afraid when pulled over if you have done nothing wrong, it’ll work out” “make sure you care when running after rain do you don’t slip and fall” etc. it’s just kinda funny how you grow up learning completely different “tips” based on your physical attributes.

Nice 45446 Beige AF 45% Against 45 Yoga Namaste Shirt


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My husband is black and I’m white. People don’t understand the fear that something will happen to your loved one just for being the wrong color in the south. My son is one and I’m afraid of him too and it shouldn’t be that way. My husband’s father was stopped twice when my husband was an infant because a black man had a white looking child. He had to show proof that he was the father! It wouldn’t have happened in the reverse.