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I see a lot of people saying “but they are stupid” in more or fewer words and I feel they are all missing the point, so I want to address them all here. I’m not trying to advocate for or against universal health care in any way, but op asked what people against universal healthcare actually believe and I put down the concerns of people who are strong advocates against it based on conversations with them. There’s a lot of rhetoric around it being too expensive. There’s also a lot of rhetoric saying things like the government couldn’t possibly do it as well as the privatized market.

Never Underestimate Old Lady Who Loves Line Dance Shirt


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The biggest problem is that the number of people with jobs that provide “good” insurance is just enough to keep the system going and anecdotally support the existing process. Most people with “good” insurance are so utterly dependant on it or so utterly comfortable with it that they don’t take a step back and realize that they are the minority or that even with their “good” insurance the system is still bullshit. I have “good” insurance but I desperately need a good consultation on my back to investigate the status of my blown l4 and l5 but an MRI is still going to cost me 300 out of pocket and I need to go to a general practitioner to get a referral to a neurologist in the network.