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This one has me flip-flopping so much. On one hand, lethal force should not have been used obviously. On the other why the hell was he ignoring them and reaching into his car. I really do not like the way police operate in the States but I am also aware they deal with criminals on a daily basis and are risking their lives while doing so. I have no idea what I would have done in this scenario. Probably not shot the man 7 times but with a split second to determine if I am about to be shot myself I may have been trigger happy as well. IDK, in reality, what we need is better training and smarter police to handle these situations. An IQ cap for working in law enforcement is absurd.

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Cops are on the job. Citizens they come across arent. Cops should be held to the highest standards if they’re given the power in society to restore order and maintain safety. Great responsibilities require great training and professionalism. The burden is on the cop, not the untrained, often uneducated citizen. But WHY did they let him walk over there? He was on the complete another side of the car, and they all just stood around him, yelling while he walked around the front of the car and opened the door. Why didn’t someone fucking tackle him, or intervene with non-lethal force while he was outside the vehicle and still knowingly unarmed?

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