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A disease minds you that the president himself admitted to downplaying to the general public, and acknowledging that it’s deadlier than the flu. Contradicting his public statements for nearly the past 7 months. The paper that article references states in its conclusion, I think on my phone was page 32 that the 263,000 new cases is if they took the highest percent increases and applied it through all 50 states. I doubt this event had people from every state going.

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Basically, do what the Democrats don’t do, and you’re WAY more likely to come out alive. The 24 Democrat-run states represent, as of today 58.9% of deaths with COVID, so over half the deaths with less than half the states. Also, taking deaths per population into account, Democrat-run states have 10 out of the top 15 worst states in deaths per million (DC Included, tho obviously not a state it has its own numbers).