My Favorite Teacher Calls Me Mom Shirt

His role wasn’t just “cool super-hero”, he presented a kind, thoughtful leader, something which stood out from the very moment he stepped onto the scene. And Black Panther wasn’t just “a good movie”, it is unquestionably the most important “super-hero” film in existence. It’s the film that made people across the globe say “these movies are for us, too”. It gave people pride in their heritage, and my own black friends said the movie had a profound impact on them, that it kind of vindicated them as “black nerds”.

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My Favorite Teacher Calls Me Mom Shirt

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He was truly destined for great things. With his passing, it’s just another reminder of how human we really are. I will, at the very least, try to find some solace in that he was at least able to see the enormity of his success before he passed. And while it might seem in poor taste to bring it up, I can’t help but worry about the Black Panther. Or rather, the fans it made.

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