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If all these restaurants are shutting down and not buying food, why are all the grocery stores still understocked? The dairy aisle, meat, fresh produce are all sparse. Rice is a fond memory. Hoarders don’t seem to be letting up. If there’s all this surplus, where is it? Why not?. There couldn’t possibly be a need for that much dairy product across the country right?. All Americans fat as a tick with all the food available to them!. Right?. Expecting The Government, our Precious GOP Run Government to fund the processing and shipment of that product to the needy?. Unthinkable!

My Crystal Ball Says You’re Full Of Shit Shirt


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A million people hungry, needing the fruit- and kerosene sprayed over the golden mountains. And the smell of rot fills the country. Burn coffee for fuel in the ships. Burn corn to keep warm, it makes a hot fire. Dump potatoes in the rivers and place guards along the banks to keep the hungry people from fishing them out. Slaughter the pigs and bury them, and let the putrescence drip down into the earth.