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No one cares about your takes regarding the morality of the stimulus package or your opinion on the president. Tell me how to make money off of it or post it somewhere else. This is a community for trading, not for political discussion. In addition to reporting, please feel free to tag me directly in any political post or comment and I will take care of it. Nobody cares about your political opinions. If it’s not about taking advantage of the political to make money then leave that baggage at home. WSB is not the stage for your lazy political regurgitation nor will it be used as a propaganda mouthpiece by anybody.

My Boat Doesn’t Run OnThanks Shirt

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HCQ and Zpack showed success in 80 person trial. All recovered within 6 days which is significantly better than control besides one in ICU and one dead 86 year old who already had a late stage of the illness. Considering the small number of people over 80 in the population this data, while small, implies a very small mortality rate. The Dr, Dr. Rauolt, is one of the most cited epidemiologists in the world.