Mickey Mouse Grandma Emily Shopia Daniel Halloween Shirt

As a black male Blerd from ozone park I’ve had mixed Interactions with the Italian American population, then I hear people like me aren’t exactly welcome in Italy itself, especially it’s northern towns and cities. Then I watched the “Football” games and saw people call any player with Black African or Arabic features degraded and submitted to racist horrors and broadcasted worldwide. (No matter his Achievements) called Monkeys and apes and have bananas throw at them by a significant amount of spectators, not to mention Black African women harassed and sexually assaulted while traveling. Despite it all, I grieve, sympathize, and get angry at the current situation.

Mickey Mouse Grandma Emily Shopia Daniel Halloween Shirt


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They do, but it’s not like 2000 healthy people die every day. Many of those who have died due to the virus would have been among those 2000 some day next few years. So yes it’s sad that people have died “before their time”, and we should all work on preventing that from happening, but if we’re to look at statistics in a 5 year period, the effects of the virus will be very minimal in overall deaths.

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