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Bernie’s ideas are, well … posts like this are a perfect example of it. There is no realistic possibility at this point that Sanders wins the nomination. None. Yet the people here are still saying, “Here is how he can do it, guys!” People are just posting all the data and information that makes them feel good about Bernie’s chances, and disregarding any and all information to the contrary as “media propaganda” It’s true that Biden’s ideas are not anywhere near as dramatic as Sanders’, but they’re moving in the right direction and actually considers the political realities necessary to make things happen.

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There are many factors as to why Bernie is underperforming, and I think most of them are beyond his control. The media plays a huge role, the DNC suppressing votes, exit polls not matching up to actual results which suggest foul play, etc. I no longer am fazed by the results because I don’t think that there’s any way the establishment would let Bernie win. Tonight, the Democrats asked people to risk their lives and the lives of their loved ones by gathering en masse in order to vote. These elections were not legitimate