Medical Assistant By Dry Witch By Night Halloween Shirt

“His administration’s goal is to “ease the guidelines and open things up to very large sections of our country as we near the end of our historic battle with the invisible enemy,” the president said. “It’s been going a while time, but we win. We win.” I don’t like Trump at all, but this is so true. Tons of headlines that manipulate what he says to make him look like a dumbass. I mean, he is a dumbass, but like by doing this, and with the Reddit hivemind with nobody backchecking what’s being said and hating we are the ones looking like dumbasses in the end.

Medical Assistant By Dry Witch By Night Halloween Shirt

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It only takes watching the man actually speak to realize that, if anything, Reddit and the media, in general, have been letting him off too easy. Hell, after reading a million threads here I start to believe that there’s a media conspiracy to slander the president; then I watch a presser and feel the crushing sense of dread when I hear this buffoon actually talk. The man is an arrogant, dishonest boob.