Meat Eater Red White The Alley Shirt

I worked on the Meat Eater Red White The Alley Shirt line at Panera Bread for a while and the smell of my apron at the end of the day made me gag. Especially if I had to wash dishes during closing. Cannot imagine any logical reason to wipe my face with that nasty shit. If I ever wiped my apron on my face during food prep I assume I would get a face full of flour and other dry ingredients that I was using that day, not once has that ever crossed my mind to do something like that though. Mad how some people’s brains work. Or just putting them anywhere they want. Like fuck man, everything has a specific spot so anyone can find it when they need it. Drives me fucking mad that people can’t put stuff where it is supposed to go. I got that habit when I started as a dish. I used to dry my hands on my apron. It’s a hard habit to get rid of. But I don’t cook anymore, so don’t worry.

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