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Nah growing up in Pakistan makes you unaware and unenlightened on a lot of real-world issues. Sorry. We have trouble teaching the republicans about climate change, I doubt the Muslim right-wingers in this know much more. But it’s okay you can keep steadfastly defending the retards ruining our planet because its easier to say, ‘hey don’t be mean’ than, ‘these people are degenerate and their behavior is objectively terrible’ I’d appreciate some context as unfortunately, the neckbeards descend on these threads with their weird culture war politics. Or maybe that’s the point, post the video without context, push your agenda, manipulate idiots.

Lovely Cat That’s What I Do I’m A Teacher I Teach Tiny Humans And I Know Things Vintage Retro Shirt

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This is may or may not be accurate but based on what I read.. the trees were planted on private property without the permission of the tribe that owned the land. So it essentially prevents the tribe from being able to use their land for anything. I can understand being upset if someone did this to me and now I’m unable to use my land for anything productive. On the other hand, it doesn’t appear the land was being used for anything or that there were any plans to develop the land for anything. Since it’s apparently disputed land, letting them plant the trees there would be used to basically own the land. Starting off with trees makes the people tearing it down look bad. Things wouldn’t look as bad if it were a car park being trashed.

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