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But now it’s popular, so I guess people care. But it’ll blow over as everything else does. Churches, Catholic and otherwise, will still molest children. Muslims and Mormons will still bend over backward to justify why their prophets fucked children. Christians will still believe that their god is perfect even though he forcefully impregnated a young girl. And they’ll do absolutely nothing to help victims and survivors. It’s disgusting. I think Mohammed married Aisha at six and consummated it at eight or nine, as much as the consummation of marriage could even be called as such (theft and rape instead?). There’s a description in the hadiths about her playing on a swing and being very unaware.

Love Wins LGBT Gay Lesbian Pride Month Rainbow Unicorn Shirt

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When we talk about relationships in the 1000 BC to 500 AD era, anyone with any intellectual honesty would have to ask “what was a common age to be married and have children?” After all, OP is accusing these specific folks of pedophilia. So, when we’re normal people married back then? And we find out why OP didn’t address that: it was not at all uncommon for teenagers to be married. Now, we can have any opinion we want on whether that was good, bad, or indifferent.





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