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More importantly, it’s incredibly unethical and fucked up, spying on your own citizens is already that (especially if everything Snowden related is true), but spying on citizens of other countries too is on a whole new level of fucked up. Oh, it’s not useless. They use it to spy on political rivals, and businesses. They don’t give a shit about terror attacks. Hell, an attack would just expand the NSA budget, no way they interfere.

Love Cu Vs Bc Tiger Halloween Shirt

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Fly On Mike Pence Head Biden Harris Shirt

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Bush and Cheney were always dickheads and as opening up to no good as it gets. It’s hard to be let down by a bank robber robbing a bank but when the cop goes to arrest them and instead starts robbing the bank as well it’s extra disappointing and infuriating. That how it always felt with bush/Cheney and then Obama completely covering for them.

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