Llia-Akaki friends Kevin Costner Drink Beer I Have Not Yet Begun To Defile Myself Shirt

How does someone not feel that happen to their vehicle? I mean I can tell when someone is moving in the backseat of my car. I can only imagine what this must have done to the handling of the car to shift it like that. You would still feel all that weight hanging on that right side. Just try and get out of your driveway with the door open. You’ll feel the weight of the door trying to pull your car it’s the way. I don’t even understand how the boards are staying in the back, it seems like the entire weight of the pile is over the side of the truck. Those straps will only do so much. Should put them in jail for 5 years followed by life ban on motor vehicle operation. This reckless endangerment clearly demonstrates they lack the basic decision making necessary for driving.

I bet he’s about to make fucking BANK though. Hopefully, the guy who hit the cyclist was on the job, that way the cyclist can sue the company and get even more money. This is one of those times where a lawsuit is absolutely justified. Can confirm. I got hit while driving my motorcycle by a negligent Jimmy John’s delivery driver. Snapped femur and humorous. About 2 years later it all settled and received a decent sum of money. Still get pain in my arm today. Fuck that guy.

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