Liverpool Back On Our Perch Shirt

If you’d told me a Liverpool Back On Our Perch Shirt a few years back that 2020 will feature a global pandemic, unprecedented bushfires, and the world is basically on the brink of WWIII I still wouldn’t believe Liverpool taking it back home. Weirdly, before the COVID shut down, I was dreading Liverpool winning the title, yet today I am actually quite happy for them. Well done. I read somewhere that City “would be expected” to give them a guard of honor but its not compulsory. They are going to, aren’t they? United and Arsenal gave each other guards of honor and they were much fiercer rivals at the time. Now if Spurs can finish 5th (assuming City get bounced from the CL), this year won’t have been a total wash.

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Liverpool Back On Our Perch Hoodie

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