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The reality is, people with mild symptoms aren’t going to isolate themselves. They have jobs, families, responsibilities, etc. Most of these cases ARE either asymptomatic or mild, and we won’t ever have really good data on those numbers until test kits are cheap and readily available and we test large cohorts, even those with no symptoms. That is exactly the problem. Especially here in the UK, where Boris has made sure that the bars, pubs, theatres, restaurants, and such stay open, but has warned the public not to go. People are to work from home, but schools are to stay open. Basically, people are still going about their lives. The mild cases aren’t getting diagnosed, and whilst some will self-isolate for a cough, most won’t. Of those who will isolate, some won’t do it for the full fortnight.

Liquor The Glue Holding This 2020 Shitshow Together Shirt

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In my case, we have the ability to work from home, upper management just won’t let us. Not until someone tests positive or gets really sick, which by that point is too late and its already spread to multiple people. I’m seriously thinking of just taking some of my PTO just to not catch it and wait it out until someone does eventually show signs and we are allowed to work from home This is insane to me. Once there was a confirmed case in my city all workers with remote capability were sent home immediately. At this time the plan is 4 weeks but could change based on where we’re at in 4 weeks. Your company has a preventative measure at their hands and essentially wants to wait till it’s too late? I am so sorry.



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