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So far my residential services have been converted to a full building, Isabelle is also in rez services, in total there are 6 people (including me on the island) and all live in houses. I still don’t have the option of asking Isabelle what my island rating is and Tom Nook has not said he wants KK Slider to visit. What exactly am I supposed to do to even get to that part? The Bam on my boyfriend’s Switch sings while my Bam doesn’t. Is there a reason for this? How can I get my Bam to sing? lol.

LGBT I Like Bananas Sorry Girls Shirt

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If you have fewer than 17, then the reason you’re not getting furniture is probably that you don’t have enough trees, and cutting down some trees and replanting them (with saplings bought from the Nookling) will probably work if you plant enough. Alternatively, and I have no idea if this would work, you could eat some fruit and dig up the trees that drop furniture on Nook Mile Islands and bring those to your village–since you know they definitely dropped furniture, you can see if getting enough of them on your island fixes things?










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