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I have a villager at my campsite that I invited as an amiibo. I have tried twice now and I have open plots. He asks me to craft him something and then when I get the prompt to invite him to live there he says I should invite him back sometime and ask again. Then I just get the same 3 conversation comments repeated over and over. Any suggestions?? When I’ve invited amiibos, I’ve always had 10 villagers, but I needed to invite them on three different days to get them to agree to move in. I don’t know if that would change because you have an open plot.

LGBT Gay Pride Rainbow Flag California Bear Men Women Shirt

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I created multiple accounts on my switch to add “villagers” to my island town to customize their homes and turn them into shops. I realized I made too many and decided to delete one of the accounts but I’ve already built her home. Is there a way to take over that home with my main account or even remove it altogether? Np! Did you get it all worked out? Also if you ever want a villager but not a house you can choose to not set one up for them. Others have done it but I can only have one profile so I’m not sure how they do it.












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