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For a 12 months or two after studying that Lest We Forget Shirt scripture I attempted to dismiss the truth that Jeremiah 10:1-8 may very well be referring to Christmas. Presently Epiphany basically praises the go to of the Sensible Males to the kid Jesus, but in these days it recommended the 2 issues! I imagine that I shall see the goodness of the Lord within the Land of the Dwelling” – a Scripture she had chosen on September 16 (solely 5 days after 9/11), primarily based on a particular sermon preached at Camp David. Consider it or not, Christmas has a particular vibe. That actually is the trendy Christmas spirit. Wouldn’t it be alright to have a 3-headed totem pole in the home in the event you reinterpreted it to characterize the Father, Son & Holy Spirit? Each Christmas season, it’s heard sung and chanted dozens of occasions the hymn “Silent Evening, Holy Evening,” with its acquainted “Mom and Youngster” theme.Lest We Forget Shirt

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