Keep The Immigrants Deport The Racists Anti Racism Shirt

Working in the lab on my own. In high school, I thought that I could not change a single thing from the procedure and thought that I needed supervision or else I would fuck up. Now in college I’m doing a biotech degree and feel so much more confident in the lab, I choose the materials, the procedure and can do things without supervision cause I have much more chemistry knowledge and experience. Now the lab is fun

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This is just something so stupid. When we go out camping with the bros most of them when they have to pee they just move it to the side and take it out and just drain the boiler. Well, I couldn’t do that for some reason even if I really had to go. I couldn’t pee in front of people when they are behind me and that just weirded me out. I think it was confidence that I needed I’m a guy so why was a shy of that.

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