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This is definitely how I felt and still feel. I was always uncomfortable with rich career politicians being the spokesperson for the everyday people and only making policy to help people when they could use it to show off how charitable and caring they are, even though it was so clearly a hoax. I voted for Johnson since he seemed less angry and bitter than Trump, and was still an outsider in the political sphere. I didn’t really mind Trump because he said he was going to help the lower classes unite against the elite. Classism and racism go hand in hand in my opinion and I thought Trump could beat classism better than Clinton could beat racism. Unfortunately, it turned out that Trump really was racist and none of his policies helped the lower class at all…. a true loss for the US.

Judas Priest 50 Heavy Metal Years 1969 2020 Signatures Thank You For The Memories Shirt

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I voted and then went to the grocery store with a couple of my younger children. There was a very nice young Hispanic kid working and he helped me put stuff in my car so he could collect my buggy. He noticed my “voted” sticker on my child and asked me who I voted for. I was instantly hesitant to answer truthfully and I realized I felt shame. After trump actually won, I said “how much damage can one man really do”?

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