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Not sure if this is a state by state basis type of thing, but if money from the federal government is provided from a program specifically set up for Covid-19, and the funds are then repurposed by the state government to something, not in support of that project is their a penalty that is levied at the state government in question? No, because they were allowed to use it for that if the state was open, which was the entire time. You would know that if you read the article before just blasting your opinion and judgment everywhere.

Jag Ar En Stolt Svarson Till En Forbaskat Underbar Svarmor Shirt


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“The state has counted 124 infections among people who attended the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in August but has not released an estimate on secondary infections linked to rallygoers. Health officials across 12 states have found more than 300 people with infections who attended the rally, including a Minnesota man who died.” You’re literally lying because the article talks about that exact thing. Seriously, please read the article before you comment that 250000 people got infected from one event.