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Well when a lot of the top and most upvoted comments on anything involving rape are about the harm being brought upon that person, it tells you the majority of people on Reddit think the same way and agree with one another. But now that harm has actually been brought to that person, they all of a sudden change their tune because it doesn’t fit their narrative. The majority of Redditors can’t even admit their own faults and hypocrisies. Another reminder to do what the cops say and don’t reach into a dark car when they repeatedly say not to.

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This really makes me cringe and kinda angry. Not because the guy was shot but because there’s almost zero responsibility or blame put on the guy. The video posted clearly shows him ignoring several cops with guns drawn while he reaches back into his car. What did he expect to happen? He’s lucky to even be alive honestly. It sucks that he’s paralyzed but it’s a hard lesson learned. What really strikes a nerve is that they mention MLK and civil rights in the article. Like really? And to make matters worse the people that protest are looting and setting fires to random buildings and businesses, something MLK would never approve of. This shit is getting out of hand.

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