Independence Day Chihuahua Flag American Shirt

Take a break if you need it, but then refocus your energy on building the movement locally, try to get progressive candidates elected where you can. I promise this will not be your last disappointment in politics, unfortunately, but we keep fighting for the times we do win. I know the feeling. I’ve been at this for a while now with my first vote being in 2000 with the whole Florida hanging chads and voter suppression thing, not to mention the popular vote. It’s easy to get discouraged. Also, remember that this campaign has not been a total loss, we have pushed ideas that were thought of as too radical to even talk about only a few years ago into the mainstream debate.

Independence Day Chihuahua Flag American Shirt


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Chicago boy here. What the fuck did my city just fucking do? This is like picking Jay Cutler or Rex Grossman over Tom Brady or Brett Favre. Why? Sanders is an A+ candidate while Biden is worse than a normal democrat in most areas. Without Biden incarceration (especially for minor drug possession) would be nowhere near the amount of awful it is now. I can’t believe it. Florida screwing up is excepted, they allowed Rick Scott, someone I’m aware through people I know in real life horrifically fucked up infrastructure, into the Senate.