I’m Smiling Under The Mask And Hugging You In My Heart Nurse Practitioner Life Shirt

Eh, the refineries will still be running and bought up by another company… instead of Valero or shell or Citgo gas stations, you’ll see Amazon gas stations… mostly the price of oil affects drilling rigs which in itself isn’t a bad thing as when the Russians and whoever else is flooding the market finally stop, we’ll just flick the switch and start pumping again. This means we still have more total stock for farther down the road when other countries’ supplies start drying up.

To everyone saying they will collect a few barrels from the change in their pockets: know this, producers don’t actually deliver oil in barrels. It’s transported to rank farms via pipelines. So unless you have a 1000000-gallon tank that meets all regulatory specifications, and have constructed a pipeline you’re not getting any oil. It would be nice to make some adjustments to the bundles. My targeted date bundle has a whole lot of FB Alphabet and Amazon, but I would like to put some of that into energy or pharma. Hmm, we have some meetings coming up maybe…