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I understand that simplifying information helps people understand enough in order to make a decision as well as preventing mass panic but we don’t have even a year’s worth of data on SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19. Extrapolation of impact based on current numbers is likely to be wrong. Especially once you add human behavior to the equation. Unfortunately, it’s been done incorrectly to either cause panic or complete disdain for the situation. Are there long term effects of being infected? How long do these effects last? What percentage of infected people will deal with long terms effects and which ones?

I’m Irish Keepping Calm Is Not An Option Shirt

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Most of what we call heart disease was “natural causes” a century ago. People don’t live forever and we’re just getting better at classifying it. Everyone who has died of COVID has been killed by it in a much shorter timeframe. Sure, risk factors are involved as well but even those who had underlying issues would likely have lived longer without COVID. I looked at I like I look at my state, Ohio. There’s a pretty sizable chunk of the city every hour of drive time or so. This looks like if one of those just withered away.


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