If You Like My Pumpkins You Should See My Pie Halloween Shirt

This isn’t a political thing, or an *insert country* thing. This is a willful ignorance thing that people across multiple countries, races, and political parties are participating in. Which is counterproductive as fuck. Sowing discord among people by generically blaming an entire populace for being stupid is an easy way to create chaotic arguments, lots of anger, and not much else. In short, if you are doing this then you are part of the problem. Because it is this attitude which pushes people to remain ignorant while is, itself, wildly ignorant of its own faults.

If You Like My Pumpkins You Should See My Pie Halloween Shirt

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But really though, wear your masks. Regularly clean your spaces, preferably with a bleach solution or other strong surface cleaner. Don’t touch your face until you’ve washed your hands. Don’t eat until you’ve washed your hands. Wear your mask over your mouth AND nose. Don’t touch people. If you feel sick, get tested, and otherwise stay home. This is a virus that is not only deadly to many but even to survivors who looks to create PERMANENT damage. Not everyone is going to get this and that is a woefully defeatist attitude.





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