If It’s Not About Fishing I’m Not Intersted Vintage Shirt

I don’t believe in god or the anti-christ. The anti-christ is a convenient “scapegoat” created by the Christian church to focus the responsibility of their own sins away from themselves and into a scape-goat that hides the real truth – that mankind is the real devil and we will be the ones that bring about the ruin of this world… not some shadowy servant of a so-called “satan” or “adversary.” Us. All the power of darkness and evil is within us. Satan did not put it there or influence us, or pulled the strings from behind the scenes… we did this. No one else to blame but us.

If It’s Not About Fishing I’m Not Intersted Vintage Hoodie

If It’s Not About Fishing I’m Not Intersted Vintage Shirt

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Can you imagine how awful it would be to have this prophecy two thousand years ago? You couldn’t just write it down. Language barriers aside. No telling makes any sense! So this demented orange idiot will accidentally grab the most powerful position on earth under pretense, and implode society before the confusion subsides. Don’t compare Trump to lucifer. Lucifer gave forbidden knowledge, encouraged individualism, he was the most beautiful angel and a beacon of pride and self-worth.

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