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And can we just take one second to recognize that in the middle of one of the worst viral outbreaks America has ever seen, with 85,000 Americans infected, 1,000 Americans dead with months of death left to come, congress had to literally pass a law specifying that the President of the United States, himself, specifically, was not legally allowed to use the aid funds to enrich himself? I mean just think about what history will make of this. He’s so fucking atrocious that Congress had to legislate, into law, that he is not allowed to pilfer aid money for his own shitty hotels.

I Wear Blue For My Grandson Autism Awareness Accept Understand Love Shirt

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One man dodged the draft. The other man served on nuclear subs and led the team that disassembled the melted down core after the Chalk Lake nuclear incident. One man cheats and swindles contractors. The other man has spent his life working with groups like Habitat for Humanity, personally swinging a hammer to build people’s homes. One man refuses to look at briefings that don’t have his name and some pictures. The other man has written over thirty books. One man is using the Presidency to enrich himself at every turn. The other man lost the farm where his father is buried because he put it in a blind trust when he took the job.