I Know I’m Just A Schnauzer But If You Feel Sad I’ll Be Your Smile If You Cry Shirt

I want to be turned into a quadcopter. Here’s some context. At my funeral, one of my friends would have the remote, and after everyone has paid their respect to my corpse, my friend would float me up out of the coffin, and out into the wild where I would fly amongst the birds. The reason being that there is a chance that our consciousness comes from a single atom. There might be a better chance of that atom being gaining consciousness of another living being again if I got eaten by worms or something.

I Know I’m Just A Schnauzer But If You Feel Sad I’ll Be Your Smile If You Cry Shirt

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I’ve been telling my friends I want to be cremated, my ashes pressurized into a gem, and have that gem inlaid in a custom-made sword to hang over the mantle, and be passed down to my future kin. I will curse anyone who dares to wield me that isn’t worthy and bless those who are worthy For the longest time, I wanted to donate my body to the body farm, but, as I’ve come to understand, they actually have all the bodies they need for the foreseeable future and a waiting list beyond that.