I Just Want Haunted Houses Bonfires Pumpkin Spice Falling Leaves Halloween Shirt

I don’t know about you, but if I had to take off and put on my ring every time and activity called for it, I’d throw the damn thing at a wall. I’m a set it and forget it, person. I put it on weeks ago and I never have to worry about it, ever. It’s comfortable, flexible, cheap, and customizable. Being a female, I get harassed less. My husband is happy when I wear it. It’s safer. There are no downsides

I Just Want Haunted Houses Bonfires Pumpkin Spice Falling Leaves Halloween Shirt

Top Just A CNA Who Loves Fall Halloween Shirt

Michae Myers Killin’ It Since 1963 Vintage Halloween Shirt

Never Mind The Witch Beware Of The Chesapeake Bay Retriever Halloween Shirt

Nothing Scares Me I’m A Jooper Car Halloween Shirt

Oh Give Me The Beat And Free My Soul I Wanna Get Lost In Your Rock And Roll And Drift Away Halloween Shirt

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Witch Follow Me To Find A Cure Cancer Awareness Halloween Shirt

Like this post shows, you can pop them trivially with anything hard you have on hand. It helps prevent crush injuries that soft metals can make into dangerous situations. Degloving is still an issue. I wouldn’t google those images if you don’t know the term. I don’t understand why people get rings in Tungsten.

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