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They are all humans and everybody has a limit. Of course, you are supposed to treat every patient the same and help them, but everybody working in healthcare has seen patients who made them question that philosophy. When that happens you have to be a professional, do your job and ignore those feelings, but they are still there. Everybody who tells you otherwise is lying out of their ass. The most terrifying thing for patients and families is the sense that this or that nurse just doesn’t like you and will fail to do the small things that make life in the hospital bearable. There was one woman whose every gesture said, “You’re so annoying.” I never felt like I could safely leave him under her care, and I tried very hard to please her so she’d be attentive to him.

I Just Freaking Love Zelda Ok Shirt


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If You Hurt My Dog I Will Slap You So Hard Even Google Won’t Be Able To Find You Shirt

This is exactly what I was thinking. What an absolute wanker he is. He and his party have spent the last 10 years systematically privatizing and underfunding the NHS. Maybe the NHS would be in a much better position to deal with a pandemic if it had been looked after properly. the English at one point loved to butter their foods and felt that parsnips, in particular, had to be buttered up (flattered) to be palatable. fine words, as lovely as they are, fail to achieve this.