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So when you see something like Donald Trump, you may hate him. Anything related to him also becomes associated with that hatred. Anything he does or statement he makes is hardwired to that hate. But think of the friends and family members that might be jerks to others, but that you “know” are good people and forgive. All media is emotional, but that’s why right-wing media in particular is extremely emotional. It focuses on an enemy, always. It could be homosexuals that want to turn your kids gay, Muslim terrorists that want you dead, or anarchists in the streets. There is a real, visceral enemy on the other side and it’s focused on hating them. But for Donald Trump especially, it’s focused on loving him. He’s so great. He’s a defender of all that’s good. He’s your protector. He’s the only thing holding back the forces of darkness.


I’m fairly conservative and Trump has done stuff that I agree with but a few things have happened over the last 7-10 months that made me change my mind. His treatment of being impeached, treatment of the pandemic, his unprofessional online presence (I do understand that the online presence wasn’t good the whole time but I stopped giving it a pass), and I realized that I am willing to pay more in taxes if it means more people will have life-saving healthcare and places to live. Many of my friends are still very conservative and just the sheer lack of caring for people in need is crazy to me. I didn’t agree with many of Obama’s policies but I sure miss his professionalism!

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