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There are so many people saying “What’s the harm?”, it’s not him specifically but when you let one person surf or do whatever, then you begin to have an issue where people see this person out and allowed to do something, then it just invites more people to do the same, or cry for inequality because he’s allowed on the beach and they are not. What makes him exempt from the rules? Only in Manhattan Beach do the police drive custom lifted Silverados. If that does not exemplify California government spending I don’t know what does.

I Am His Eyes He Is My Wings I Am His Voice He Is My Spirit I Am His Human He Is My Horse Shirt


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That reminds me of the whole Florida spring break issue, all those teenagers just telling all the old people to stay home and this one guy saying “we can handle this in our own way!” And “this isn’t going to ruin my spring break if I get corona I get corona.” Bitch it might ruin your spring break to stay home but think about how you might ruin somebody’s life. Reddit is so chock full of rule crazy authoritarian nazis with absolutely zero compassion for anyone. The negativity of it all gets exhausting. Like honestly how much of a risk is a guy way out in the ocean.