I Am A Spoiled Grandson I Have A Freaking Awesome Nana She Is A Little Bit Crazy And Scares Me Sometimes I’m The Lucky One Shirt

I’m from a place where we have a low cost public healthcare system, and I’m curious about whether there any cases where people fell ill but refused to be tested because they’re afraid of the medical bill? I’m not judging people who do this because the cost is just too high, but this might cause further spread of COVID really… I prayed for death when I had COVID-19. I remember wheezing in the tub, looking down to see that my fingers and toes were blue, and my skin grey. I called for my husband just to help me dry and get back to bed because I knew that if I was going to get supplemental oxygen, I would be trapped financially forever, and I’m already disabled.

I Am A Spoiled Grandson I Have A Freaking Awesome Nana She Is A Little Bit Crazy And Scares Me Sometimes I’m The Lucky One Shirt


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“Flor was lucky. The 70-year-old made a full recovery and says he only had to cover about $3,000 of that huge medical bill, thanks to Medicare, supplemental insurance, and Congressional funding designed to help hospitals defray pandemic costs. But Flor knows others may not be so lucky, and says he doesn’t want to see people go into financial ruin because they get sick.” Lol US health system really really really sucks. As long as you pay taxes, it should be free. uS citizens are scammed every day by their laws haha. Sad